March 2019

March is the month of transition.

In the northern hemisphere spring officially begins on March 20th.


TableThink is ready for it.

The transition from winter to spring can seem slow.  Even so, making the transition into the season of spring reflects the miracle of stepping into new beginnings.

It’s a discussion at our table: Beginning Again.

Beginning again happens in life; however, it takes intention to navigate the new with positivity and belief in living the best.

The choice to live the best, despite the circumstances which produce the need to begin again, impacts anyone and everyone who comes our way.

You can read more in the article, Beginning Again.

We are so appreciative for the encouragement and support from so many people as we begin the endeavor of TableThink.  Thank you!

This month is definitely a month of transitions, a time to begin again.

Take a look: 

Nancy Carlisle and Linda Hernandez-Munguia took a seat at our table and shared their story this month.  Their soul-deep commitment to invest in the lives of others as others have invested in them is a key piece to stepping up and making a difference.

Once again, it’s clear that individuals who inspire us to rise above the circumstances change the trajectory of our story, making us want to be and do our best.

The thing is .  . .  along the way . . . Nancy and Linda each formed the belief that no one needs to manage adversity alone.  Their lives intersected through an amazing community outreach,  Backpack Buddies organized at St. Mark Lutheran Church to impact children struggling with food insecurity.  Backpack Buddies helps meet the needs of hungry children when other resources are unavailable.   

Read their story and listen to their conversation, At The Table With Nancy Carlisle And Linda Hernandez Mungula.  

Anne Miller discusses chores and relationships in her column, Your Tribe.   This month’s article, Chore Learning And Relationship Building, challenges us to see the connection which occurs when we do our chores together.  If, you missed it, you can read last month’s article and listen to the conversation we had with her at the table:  Your Tribe:  Meet Anne.  The thing is . . . Anne is committed to her tribe . . . which includes the TableThink Tribe.

TableThink’s Joshua sat at the table and shared some great technology tips for the home.  The article and his conversation will be released, Friday, Mach 15 under 006: Home Technology.  Joshua is our in-house technology expert and over-the-top innovator and entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur, he not only has been one of the developers of TableThink but also has many other businesses including, Joshua Lindley Consulting.

Tiffany Carter shares her reading expertise, focusing on books to encourage kids to be readers in the TableRead article which will be released on Friday, March 22.  As a teacher and a parent, Tiffany shares the valuable concept of how reading leads to conversation at the table. You will want to grab a basket and fill it up with the books from her March recommendation list. These books are not only worth the time to read but to talk about.  You can find Tiffany’s articles under her column, TableRead.  The thing is . . . Tiffany is committed to the TableThink Tribe . . . to find the joy of reading for a lifetime.

Joshua and Kerrie are back at the table in a conversation about how they found and developed the “why” of living. They both share how the calling of being a pastor and entrepreneur has collided as individuals and together.   Their article and conversation, 007:  Living Your Why will be released on Friday, March 29.  

Take a moment in your day and listen to our daily podcast, Think On This. There’s also a written devotional as a companion to each one on our website.  The Think On This podcast  can be found on iTunes and Podbean.  And. You can install TableThink on an Amazon Echo device and listen to Think On This


Make it a daily practice to stop by TableThink and read the featured article of the day.  There’s a lot to think about, so, we encourage you to go back and read through the articles which interest you.

  • Sunday . . . Soul-Deep
  • Monday . . . It’s Monday With Joshua And Kerrie
  • Tuesday . . . Living Your Best
  • Wednesday . . . Making It Work
  • Thursday . . . Life Lesson
  • Friday . . . Friday Features:  Article and/or Podcast
  • Saturday . . . Weekend Life

There’s More

We’re working on projects to be released very soon.  Lately, we’ve been especially excited for you to participate in our course on a new system of organization.  It’s coming this spring!

It’s a great month to begin again ~Joshua and Kerrie

Insights to TableThink: 



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