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One of our conversations at TableThink is the struggle to look up from what we are doing when there’s so much to do.  Preoccupation with schedules, tasks, and the busyness of the day results in missing the gift of the day.  But.  The thing is . . . there is so much more to life . . . when we pay attention to the presence of God.

Even so, we often keep our “head-down,” focusing on the work of navigating through the stuff of life.  Until.   We have been flattened by busyness, pressure and problems.

It makes sense to begin the day with looking up from it all to focus on God.  Becoming still and meditating on a word either from listening or reading is key to focusing.  In fact, after we launched Think On This we’ve continued to adjust the devotional and podcast per requests of our followers.  We’ve been told it’s helpful to have a short written devotional and podcast to access. So.   As with anything we continue to be in process.  But.  The point of Think On This is to take a moment and think on an element of faith and focus on the presence of God.

Of course, there needs to be intention and effort to focus and see beyond what’s coming at us.  There’s a bigger picture than what is initially seen.  When the effort is made to focus on the gift rather than the challenges  . . . there is an element of wonder . . . in the gift of the day.

And, there’s a letting go of the challenges’ power when wonder sets in.

Best Advice


Think on this question:

If . . . we were continually aware of the presence of God . . . would we be in a constant state of wonder?


Take a breath . . . look up . . . be aware of the sacred work of God and allow the wonder of it all to renew and recharge you.


Look up each and every day . . . learn to see the wonder . . . take time to let it impact you soul-deep.

The ability to see and experience wonder is a gift.  

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