Look For God Again


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Think On This . . . 

God is present even when you don’t believe it’s true.

Perhaps you once thought God was present, but you don’t think it anymore.

Whatever caused you to look the other way and to refuse to acknowledge the presence of God does not need to hold you hostage.

Look for God again.

God gives new beginnings and fresh faith.  And, yes, it’s who God is . . . with us.

The thing is . . . when we look one more time for the presence of God and believe God is present  . . . we’re reborn with a new passion to live fully and wholly with God.


This is daily life. . . God with us.

Word . . . 

The Eternal, your rescuing hero who formed you before birth, declares,

Eternal One: “I am the Eternal, Creator of all there is and will beI alone stretched out the heavens and spread out the blue earth” (Isaiah 44:24, Voice).  

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