Note:  TableThink is focusing on the key elements of Holy Week.  Our regularly scheduled features will return on Monday, April 22.  We invite you to join the TableThink community’s intentional daily focus on Christ.

This is an incredible week to focus and meditate on Christ who reveals the power of love which has no beginning or end.  It’s beyond what can be imagined when we live in and through the love of Christ.  *We invite you to experience and share these simple meditations for adults and kids this week. The full week’s listing will be updated on the article, Sunday Soul Work: Holy Week.  The Think On This daily devotion and 2-minute podcast will be featured and include the daily meditation for adults and kids.

Listen . . . 

Think on this . . .

On this Holy Week Monday . . . we are focusing on the limitless love of God . . . described in Psalm 36 (The Passion Translation)

Meditate . . . Be still and know God . . . 
 Verse 5: 

But you, O Lord, your mercy-seat love is limitless, reaching higher than the highest heavens.  Your great faithfulness is infinite,  stretching over the whole earth.

Think on this: 

Love is the foundation of the meaning of life.  God’s love underlines and defines this week, spoken in the well-worn words of  John 3:16, “For God so loved the world . . .” 

Aligning our soul with this truth by  engaging in relationship with God and one another through infinite love results in full life.  

Meditate . . . Be still and know God . . . 
Verse 7 . . . 

O God, how extravagant is your cherishing love!  All mankind can find a hiding place  under the shadow of your wings.

Think on this: 

The power of God’s love is always present. 

Meditate . . . Be still and know God . . . 
Verse 10:

Lord, keep pouring out your unfailing love on those who are near you. Release more of your blessings to those who are loyal to you.

Think on this: 

God’s love is unrelenting, unstoppable, and more powerful than can be described with words. This love covers all of humanity, whether one and all are aware of it or not.  When our soul awakens to the reality of this limitless love, we step into an ongoing and amazing transformation.  Along the way, we discover the beauty and strength of holding, giving, and being soul-deep in this love.    

Take time to meditate on the reality of God’s  limitless love. . . .  for you and all of humanity . . . in this Holy Sacred Week. 

For Kids . . .

Start a conversation about God’s limitless love.

Conversation starters:  What do you think is big?   (God’s love is more.) What do you think is wide?  (God’s love is more.)  What do you think is deep?  (God’s love is more.)

  • God always loves you.  
  • God never stops loving you. 
  • God’s love is more. 

We’ve prepared some simple thoughts and meditations for adults and kids this week at Sunday Soul Work:  Holy Week

Sunday Soul Work: Holy Week

A Conversation About Holy Week

In our conversation at the table, Joshua questioned me about some of my thoughts and experiences on Holy Week.

On Palm Sunday, April 14, TableThink will  provide some resources for you to use during Holy Week.  This will include some thoughts on John 20-10-11. John, referred to as the other disciple, and Peter went home after seeing the linen cloths lying in the tomb and the burial cloth folded.

The thing is . . . they went home . . . missing the most magnificent moment in humanity’s history.


Mary went back to the tomb where Jesus had been buried and experienced more than can be imagined.

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