The light which comes with the season of spring gives reason to lighten the load in our home and work environment.  There’s a sense of freedom when we let go of the unnecessary.  It’s a conversation at TableThink’s table.

One of my life statements is:  “Less is more.”

It’s what gives me pause when I start accumulating more than necessary.  Eventually the unnecessary stuff weighs me down.  At the very least, it distracts me.  Ultimately, the unnecessary takes my energy and time away from what’s most important.  This is as true for our inner life as well as the space we live and work in.

Putting systems and strategies in place helps to keep on course, doing what’s ours to do.  Organization is a key piece.  Make a daily and long-term plan to keep organized at home and work:

  • Evaluate.
  • Determine what needs to be done.
  • Take action.

The big question:  What are the necessary and unnecessary things in my space?  


The unnecessary stuff is not worth our energy and time. It needs to be managed.


We are responsible to be the best manager of our own life.  



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