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Life doesn’t make sense when we live it on our own. 

We desperately need to invite God into our thoughts, words, and actions to live our best every. single. day. 


Take this moment and be aware of God’s presence.

God is always present. 


Determine to intentionally take moments to be aware of the presence of God. 

Review, repeat, and underline: God is with me.  God is going ahead of me.  God will never fail me.  God will never leave me. 

This practice is a catalyst to live beyond the problems and pressures and the power of the hard of daily life. 

Intentionally live with awareness of God’s never-ending presence. 


Think On This . . . devotional and podcast is released every. single. day. You can listen to Think On This on our website or on Alexaitunes, and podbean.

Begin your day with the Think On This podcast and devotion. 


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