February 2019

February is the month of the heart.

We believe in being our best and doing our best.  A crucial piece of this belief is the heart.  It’s a discussion at our table:

  • What is at the heart of the matter?
  • Is there a heart change needed?
  • Are we willing to give all of our heart and soul to what we are doing?

These questions led us to go soul-deep with the ancient life-principle:

*Put your whole heart and soul into whatever you do as, if, you are doing it for God.

If, this would be put into practice, what would change in our attitude, effort, and energy?

There’s no doubt when someone is all in.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to do what is theirs to do with uncompromising effort, energy, and an exemplary attitude.

One more thing to note about these individuals . . . instead of creating chaos or drama . . . these individuals share the peace of God.

So . . . this month . . . is the month to commit to do all things with all of the heart and soul.  It matters.

*Please note:  This life-principle is found in Colossians 3:23-24; however, chapter three needs to be read in entirety to understand this principle.  The thing is . . . this chapter gives clarity . . . focusing on living our best.

This Month

Be on the outlook for great inspirational articles and podcasts.

We are excited about our weekly podcast, TableThink.  We can’t wait for you to hear our interview with Roy Carlisle who has been the editor for top authors, changing the way the world thinks by fine-tuning words and crafting the story.  In this episode of TableThink’s podcast,  Roy gives insight to the creative work of writing, explaining key elements of the relationship between author and writer.  

Our newest author and partner, Anne Miller, will be writing monthly articles, which will be released under the column, Your Tribe.   This month’s article is about hospitality and tacos at the table.  We are excited for you to listen to the TableThink podcast with Anne.  She’s known for inviting everyone and anyone to the table wherever she is at.  You will be inspired this month and every month to learn how Anne changes the world by loving people wherever she is with uncommon hospitality.

Tiffany Carter is once again sharing her reading expertise, focusing on books to encourage kids to be kind. As a teacher and a parent, Tiffany shares the valuable concept of how reading leads to conversation at the table. You will want to grab a basket and fill it up with the books from her February recommendation list. These books are not only worth the time to read but to talk about.  You can find Tiffany’s first article and her soon-to-be released new article under TableRead.

Take a moment in your day and listen to our daily podcast, Think On This. There’s also a written devotional as a companion to each one on our website.  The Think On This podcast  can be found on iTunes and Podbean.  And. You can install TableThink on an Amazon Echo device and listen to Think On This


Make it a daily practice to stop by TableThink and read the featured article of the day.  There’s a lot to think about, so, we encourage you to go back and read through the articles which interest you.

  • Sunday . . . Soul-Deep
  • Monday . . . Monday Musings With Joshua and Kerrie
  • Tuesday . . . Living Your Best
  • Wednesday . . . Making It Work
  • Thursday . . . Life Lesson
  • Friday . . . Think On This Article and Podcast
  • Saturday . . . Weekend Life

There’s More

We’re working on projects to be released very soon.  Lately, we’ve been especially excited for you to participate in our course on a new system of organization.  It’s coming this spring!

It’s a great month to be wholeheartedly committed to living the best life--Joshua and Kerrie

Insights to TableThink: 



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