Lessons Of Life


Listen . . . 

Think On This . . .

Lessons of life give the opportunity to enter in to the “more” of God.  The ancient King David, a man known to have a heart after God,  certainly had a lifetime of lessons.  And, he learned who he was and what he was to do. 

The thing is . . . David’s thoughts revealed what embodied his life . . . a relationship with God.

His life lessons led him to the more of God.  He did not settle into a habitual way of living but dared to do more, leading his son to build the house of God. It became his legacy. 

Focus your thoughts on God.  Put all of your energy and effort into what’s yours to do . . . refusing to be distracted with what might have been . . . as you build your legacy for the generations to come. 

The key to leaving a long-lasting legacy:  Learn from your life-lessons.  Use what you learn to build your legacy.


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