June 2019: Inspired-Living


June is the month of inspired-living

One of the many inspirational elements of June is how it marks a new season. Summer officially launches in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere this month.  Whether days are heating up or cooling down,  it’s miraculous to understand some of the details and timing of a new season.

So . . . 

We encourage you to read the explanation about seasons on the Nasa Science page (click here). It’s understandable reading and awesome information!

Anyway . . . 

While the change of seasons is inspirational in itself, there’s a lot more to discuss when it comes to inspired-living.

Inspiration is a belief, a thought process, and a continual conversation when we choose inspired-living.  

Inspiration is a catalyst to rise above the pressure, problems, and negativity of the day.

Inspiration is a revelation of the presence and work of God.

Inspiration is a vital component of an ongoing and interactive relationship with God.

Inspiration is a key element in living our best.

Inspiration is more.

The key question to keep at the forefront of inspired living: Am I (are we) living as if, God-precepts are true or false?

  • God is love.
  • God is always loving you (us).
  • God is always present.
  • God is never going to leave or fail you (us).
  • God is for you (us), not against you (us).
  • God is at work bringing all things together for good.
  • God is doing something new.
  • God is doing a good work in you (us).
  • God is releasing the grace-power to do what you (we) can’t do on your (our) own.
  • God is doing more than what can be asked, thought or imagined.
  • God is God.

The word, “is,” denotes inspiration is ongoing and continual.


Inspiration is continually at work within and around us.

It’s constant at TableThink as we work towards  launching  new elements to inspire you with innovative ways for you to invest your energy and time to live your best.

Finally and most importantly, thank you for your support.  At this point we are relying on our friends and family to spread the word about TableThink.  We are blown away by your love, encouragement, and support.  Because of you, we’ve had 24,000 downloads of  the Think On This podcast.  Thank you!

It’s all about inspired-living ~Joshua & Kerrie

TableThink’s Weekly Rhythm, Routine, And Rituals 

Sunday is reserved for soul work. There is value in taking time to be still to know God as well as coming together around the table and sharing life.

Soul work necessitates time alone as well as time with one another.

The thing is . . .  soul work is key to living best . . .  but often is last on the list.

Sunday Soul Work: 

Monday is our day to ramp up and renew an element of living.  We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This best practice serves who we are and what we do.

“Monday” Articles:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday follow the theme of the week and month: inspired-living.

Friday Feature focuses on Your Tribe, TableRead, and TableThink Podcast.  As the traditional workweek ends, it’s key to get ready to shift into the weekend with inspiration to live the best.


Anne Miller is TableThink’s columnist for Your Tribe.  Anne’s writing takes us home, reminding us  of what really matters.  She invites you to the TableThink tribe . . . and to know it’s . . . Your Tribe.

Anne invites us: “I hope you will feel inspired to connect, reconnect, or get to know someone in your community, realizing it is not about entertaining – holding the attention of – it is about “being” together, sharing life and relationship.”


Tiffany Carter is TableThink’s columnist for TableRead.  Tiffany’s passion and expertise in reading underlines the importance of reading to live our best.

Tiffany shares with us:  “As a mom and a teacher, I am passionate about books and love talking with others about what to read and traditions around reading. I love hearing and sharing about what and how families read. I also believe in the power of conversation around books and stories. Reading can be a powerful experience- especially when it is a shared experience with others.”


We feature table conversations at our table twice a month.  We are excited for you to get to know the who takes a seat at our table and think on the interesting, inspiring, and informative discussions.  We grow when we think outside of our personal realm, broadening our perspective with inspiration.

TableThink podcast can be found on our website as well as on itunes and podbean.

Saturday features the weekend slow-down. Taking a breath on the weekend, slowing down, and stepping back from the busyness of the week is smart living.   It takes effort and practice to make the weekend slow-down routine a part of life.  The thing is . . . as simple as it sounds . . . weekend slow-down serves our “why.”

One of the obstacles to the weekend slow-down is the lack of awareness of its overall healthy impact on every piece of life.

Thinking  through the things which lead to your best weekend slow-down generates motivation to make it happen. It’s helpful to use the specific elements to create a personalized weekend slow-down menu.

And . . . Think On This . . . devotional and podcast is released every. single. day.  You can listen to Think On This on our website or on Alexa, itunes, and podbean.

Begin your day with the Think On This podcast and devotion. 

There’s More . . . 

We continue to work on projects to be released by this summer.  We keep adding to our list, excited for what more can add to our best.

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Insights to TableThink: 


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