Jump Into The Deep Waters Of The New


I like to know what I’m getting into before I get into it.


When I’m asked to do something I want to know what’s expected of me.  Of course, negotiating is usually a key factor to ensure I am able to navigate through the expectations of what I am asked to do.


Life doesn’t always work this way.  Sometimes we jump into the deep waters of the “new” and figure it out along the way.  Even so, there are two key questions to ask:

What is the vision?   What is the mission? 

I’ve been in many conversations about the difference of vision and mission.  I actually talked about it yesterday.  It has helped me to think about these two elements in simplistic terms:  Vision is what we see ourselves becoming.   Mission is what we do to become the vision.  So.

Vision is what we see.  Mission is what we do.  

By understanding the vision and mission I can evaluate how I fit in by delineating the vision and mission for my life.  The thing is . . . once I arrived in the second season of life . . . I understood I would continue to grow and evolve every. single. day.


My vision for my life is ongoing.  It’s why I love to include an ellipsis in many sentences . . . and break the rules by ending with an ellipsis without a period . . .


My mission evolves with my vision.  This means something might fit better now than it did in the past.  And, there are things in my life which no longer fit and can be let go.  This element of living has freed me to jump into the deep waters of something new (like TableThink).

Of course, there is much more to all of this . . . so this will be continued . . .

This Week: 

I Am Here


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