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As life often goes, we contend with managing the busyness of life. The pace can be relentless. Consequently, the joy of living may be missed simply because of the busyness.


Isaiah 43:19 is a reminder that God is doing a new thing.  This is joy. Even in the busiest of days, we can choose to pause with awareness of the presence of God and experience the joy of knowing God is present and doing something new.  The exercise of pausing and being aware of God produces joy, changing how we see and manage the day, reminding us of what matters.  Even so, it’s a choice to intentionally stop in the midst of the rush and pressure of the day. 

If, only we took more time to see what God is up to . . . we would have soul deep joy . . . which changes how we manage and live every. single. day.

  • Be intentional today.
  • Refocus.
  • Take time to experience joy as you look for God’s new thing of the day.

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