It’s Monday With Joshua And Kerrie . . . What’s Crucial


It’s Monday!   

And.  Monday is the day to recommit to what matters to live our best.

So. Today we are re-committing to stay the course. 

Before we go any further in explaining our best practices to stay the course . . .  it’s vital to know this is a crucial piece in every area of life . . . for an individual, couple, and family.

We make sure we are on track by setting aside time for a weekly meeting, keeping the core values from TableThink’s business plan front and center, specifically the three:

1. Inspire.   2.  Innovate.  3.  Invest.


We ask specific questions in our weekly meetings:

  • Where are we with it all?
  • What do we need to do?
  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?

These questions generate an honest conversation which always leads to brainstorming.  Because.  There’s always something needing attention.  The thing is . . . brainstorming . . . generates ideas.

It’s crucial to put each idea on the table for discussion to be an inspiring and innovative organization.  Sometimes we shelf ideas because we think it will distract us from what we know is ours to do right now; however, we keep the ideas in mind for a later time.  The thing is . . . our brainstorming sessions . . . led us to understand what TableThink is to be.

You might remember a few Mondays ago we discussed how we communicate in our check-in method, which is crucial for each meeting and touchpoint:

“An important piece to the check-in is to listen to understand rather than to fix one another.  This means we refrain from interrupting or talking over one another.  We’ve made a purposeful decision to respect what is said.  And.  We choose to be nice to each other, which is often missed in the world around us.

This intentional practice of communication is crucial to being our best.

Ultimately, it’s vital to understand and implement crucial best practices in order to stay the course and do what’s ours to do.

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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