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It’s Monday!   

Monday is our day to ramp it up and renew an element of living.   We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This practice serves who we are and what we do.

This week our conversation is about thinking. 

Negative-Habitual Thinking

The thing is . . .  the way we view life . . . directs how we navigate and manage it all.  So.  It’s essential to find the negative-habitual  thoughts which dictates the view of living.  It’s easier to pinpoint this in someone else than in ourselves.  There’s a sense of superiority when negative-habitual thinking can be seen in others; however, superiority is a signal of the untruth that lies within ourselves.

Each one of us has negative-habitual thoughts to recognize and release. 

Shift to Positive-Habitual Thinking

Negative-habitual thinking opposes who we are and what we do, allowing lies to be anchored to the soul which become our perceived truth.

First things first:  Find the reality of truth.

Is the thought centered on good or evil . . . faith or fear . . . peace or chaos . . . calm or anxiety?

At TableThink . . . we have learned to ask . . . what is the opposite thought?  The opposite thought indicates where we’ve gone with our thinking process.

Thought:  There’s no way this will work.

Opposite thought:  There’s a way this will work.

Evaluate:   Which thought is true?

Then:  Restructure the thought process. 

It’s worth our health and well-being to take a long look at how we think as an individual, couple, family, and organization. Each thought interfaces with our narrative.  Our mind interprets and attaches emotions and feelings to the thought.  It takes work and resolve to determine if the thought is healthy  or unhealthy and to willfully detach from the unhealthy.

We recognize . . . we come to the table . . . with accumulated positive and negative habitual thinking.  So.  We need to take the time to break it all down and evaluate how we think together in order to format the best positive thinking process.

We’ve learned there’s utmost value in taking care of negative-habitual thinking and shifting to the positive.  It matters.

Make it a great Monday!  

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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