It’s Monday!   

Today we are re-committing to find and keep our momentum to move forward.

Momentum stalls when there’s a lack of communication and little effort.  The thing is . . . momentum is not based on everything working well . . . but rather working well together.  Communication and hard work are crucial to momentum.  

We have a few things not working as well as we want at TableThink.  We’ve been talking about specific pieces that we envision to be more.  So.  We’ve had several discussions of what more needs to be done.   This is a best practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as for organizations. 

The thing is . . . it’s a choice to focus on what needs to be done . . . rather than to think what’s not working is a failure. 

Failure arises from problem-based thinking which often leads to guilt, blame, and shame.

Solution-based thinking leads to inspiration and innovation which drives momentum in what’s ours to do.  

We believe without a doubt that each person, couple, family, and organization has a soul-deep assignment to accomplish . . . empowered through grace  . . . with sacred meaning, motivation, and momentum.

This assignment aligns with the God-given best life principles and practices.

Of course, there will be some who do not understand, some who disagree, and some who struggle with what we know is ours to do.  There are individuals who struggle wondering what place they have in our assignment.

The unsaid question often defines the struggle:  “What about me?” 

While it sounds minute, it can be a big problem. These individuals may spend an inordinate time stressing about what we are doing, giving their energy and time to win the perceived first place.

In turn, their desire to be first holds the potential to stall our momentum.  

We are free to move forward when our first response is love, accepting and valuing each and everyone.  That said, love does not mean we will do what someone wants us to do.  Putting guardrails around who we are and what we are doing is a best practice of living.

Guardrails are not a guarantee of making someone happy; however, guardrails are imperative to do what’s ours to do.

While the strategy needs to be personalized to work the best, here’s some of the steps we have been taking:

  •  Evaluate how it’s going generally and specifically.  Are there repeated issues that challenge how things go?
  • Pinpoint the things which are not operating smoothly.  (This is extremely important for an individual, couple, family, and organization.  For example, if . . .  bedtime is difficult for children . . . pinpoint specific issues in the hours leading up to bedtime.)
  • Take action through inspiration to find an innovative way to change the trajectory.
  • Stay invested in the assignment.

Taking these steps requires energy and time; however, each step builds momentum to get where we’ve determined to go.

We are invested in this organization, grateful to do what’s ours to do, open to whatever needs to be changed in order to serve you with our best.  

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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