It’s Monday!   

And.  Monday is the day to recommit to what matters to live our best.


Today we are re-committing to daily growth in our life. 

We expect children to experience body, mind, and soul growth and to be in the space of continual revelation, learning every. single. day.  And, it’s amazing to watch them learn and grow.


Somewhere along the line, there’s silent permission for adults to stop growing as, if, age equates arrival to living the best.  The truth of the matter is that human-beings are at their best in daily growth.

Growth is a decision.  The thing is . . . daily learning and training . . . are key to connect with our best.

Of course, tomorrow’s best looks different than today’s best because life-learning reveals the possibilities of what can be.  You might say today is a key piece of our growth for tomorrow. 

The two words, *continual revelation, is a piece of our growth in the with-God life.  Entering the space of continual revelation is powerful, life-giving, and out-of-control amazing.

How can anyone of us get over this huge premise of continual revelation?

The thing is . . . we won’t get over it, if, we stay in the space of continual revelation . . . because it’s eye-opening, breath-taking, and mind-blowing to see, understand, and implement something new.

Continual revelation is the catalyst of daily growth. 

The decision for growth is not always comfortable because of the element of change; however, it fuels the flame of our passion and purpose.


A part of our passion and purpose at TableThink is . . .  to help as many people as possible to grow by providing articles, podcasts, coaching, courses, and who knows what else . . .  to be in the space of continual revelation.  We are committed to be continually growing to live our best and serve with our best.  This means we can’t settle.  Ever.

Commit to daily growth with us.  Step into the space of continual revelation and gain momentum in the growth process: 

  • Meditate on God-words.
  • Pray.
  • Plan the day.  Review your purpose and mission.
  • Surrender what does not belong.
  • Read.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Connect with inspiring individuals.

Continual revelation leads to growth which produces a life of inspiration, innovation, and investment in the more of the with-God life.  It’s the best decision to commit to growth. And, TableThink is here to help you in the process.

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

* Key words found in Psalm 16:11


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