It’s Monday!   

Monday is our day to ramp it up and renew an element of living.   We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This practice serves who we are and what we do.

This week we are in conversation . . . about . . .  how to make it a great day.   

The time to begin the day is always a discussion at TableThink’s table.  The thing is . . .  we do not agree on when to get up and get going . . . but we do agree there are essential elements to be employed in order to make it a great day:

We exercise the mind and soul.

~Start with grateful statements.  How the day is started is key to how the day goes.

~Start by exercising the mind to be strong with positivity. It’s a matter of what we believe . . . the best . . . or the worst.  We will never know what will occur or where we would go next, if, we remain in a negative mindset.  The thing is . . . negativity is a key element . . .  of a victim mentality and life-style.  Daily exercising of the mind with truth develops a pathway of positivity and possibilities, changing a mindset of negativity and impossibilities.  (Refer to the article, Ready, for mind/soul strengthening exercises)

~Start with the belief it’s essential to stand, staying strong and finishing strong each day regardless of what must be navigated.  Standing is . . . being certain . . . God chose you to be in this time and space of the world with an assigned purpose and continual grace to stand and stay strong.  (Refer to the article, Having Done All . . . Stand)

We show up with gratitude and grace for everyone and everything. 

~Make space for gratitude and grace in every situation.  This practice changes the dynamics of the day, deactivating the stress within and around us.  Consistently pause throughout the day and take a breath, acknowledging the presence and work of God as well as the gift of the day with gratitude, making space for grace with understanding and compassion. (Read the article, Daily Decisions, for essential elements which strengthen our mindset.)

We choose to do what matters. 

~Say “yes” to what matters and “no” to the rest.  When we do what we say we will do, our confidence and energy increases, producing a belief in living our best.  We have the responsibility to keep boundaries around what’s ours to do.  Saying “no” can be a challenge; however, it is the catalyst to make an impact rather than to settle.  A quick inventory of the people who are willing to use the word, “no,” are the ones who accomplish their life-purpose. They take the responsibility of speaking their “no” and keeping the boundary. There’s no need to explain; however, many individuals attempt to explain and/or apologize for their “no.” It’s not always easy to say without guilt. So. It takes practice with the belief  “no” is right for others, if, it’s right for you. (See the article, “No,” for boundary setting.)

We end the day with an evening routine, the catalyst to our best morning routine.

~Develop an evening routine to serve your best:  1. End the day with time to decompress and relax.  2.  Clean up your living space.  It sets a calmer atmosphere to end and begin the day.  3.  Make sure your clothes for the day are picked out, including workout clothes.  Scrambling in the morning to find a piece of clothing or to make sure something is clean produces frustration and wastes time.  By the way, this reduces arguments with kids and establishes a great routine for the rest of their life.  4.  Prep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It helps to prepare a weekly menu and to do weekly shopping to eat your best.  Planning decreases the stress of meal-making.  5.  Review the schedule for the next day.  Update your to-do list.  (Read the article, Monday Musings with Joshua and Kerrie for our list of evening rituals.)

Finally, we align ourselves with our daily manifesto.  

~Use your manifesto, a declaration of how life will be lived. TableThink’s manifesto has been created for individuals, couples, families, and organizations:

  • We will rise, going above and beyond the challenges and circumstances presented to us. 
  • We will never settle for less. 
  • We will seek God’s more.
  • We will love all and serve all. 
  • We will do our best.

Make it a great day!  

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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