I Am Who I Am


One of the challenges of being a leader, especially in the world of ministry, is remaining who we are meant to be.   Throughout the years, I’ve had people pushing me to be who they think I am to be.  Of course, growth is essential and growth produces change.

But. (Yes, this is a big but.)

I am who I am.  

This is an essential truth to understand in order to live the best life.  (Yes, of course, it’s a lifetime process to understand who we are to be.)  It’s a sacred truth I’ve taught as a parent, mentor, and pastor.  It’s a value we adhere to at TableThink.

I’ve shared the ancient words often:  But by the grace of God I am what I am” (words from I Corinthians 15:10, NIV).  

The word, but, is big in this truth.  (Yes, the word, but, is often used to turn things around.) It indicates an interruption.

Grace is the interruption.

One thing I know for sure is: Grace is the interruption to what pain, pressure, and problems can do to who we are and infuses the power to be who we are to be.

Grace is amazing.

Think On This

The grace of God is always with you . . . for you . . . and bringing all things together for good in your life.

Grace will empower you to do what you can’t do on your own, producing the power to rise from it all.  

Please note:  The featured photograph is one of my favorite photographs of my granddaughters. The photographer, Shelly Mackerell, captured it all.

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