Hindsight With Focus


TableThink’s conversation for the week is centered on hindsight, a key piece of who we are and what we do. 

Hindsight allows us to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working in our daily life.  Meditation is key to how it all works together.   We’ve put together some elements of meditation to step into for the first time or to ramp up, if, it’s already in the routine and rhythm of your daily life:

  1. Focus on the presence and work of God.  Consistently pause throughout the day and take a breath, acknowledging the presence and work of God, making space for grace for yourself and others.
  2. Focus on a God-thought.  TableThink’s Think On This podcast is currently set at one minute and comes with a short written devotion to focus on the matters of living.   Connection with God is key to living the best. (You can listen to Think On This on our website as well as on Alexaitunes, and Podbean.)
  3. Focus on the “why” of living. Defining and reviewing the purpose of what’s yours to do is crucial to living the best.  This does not mean it will be easy; however, engaging with your “why”  activates passion and energy to do what matters.
  4. Focus on the gift of the day.  Remove yourself from the stress of yesterday and the worry of today, intentionally being present in the gift of each moment.   Take some deep breaths, name the stress, and surrender it to God.   This is not easy but possible when the focus on the life-principle: “If, God  is for us then who (what) can be against us?”
  5. Focus on what’s ahead.  Review your schedule.  Determine to be present in it all: Again, it’s crucial to be present in each moment of the day to live the best.   Gratefulness is key to this.  Take time to give thanks for the specifics as well as the whole day.
  6. Focus on the good and blessing of what’s yours to do. Positivity is a healthy practice.  It takes consistent effort and repetition to create a pattern of positivity.

As you determine what’s working and not working, we encourage you to put these key points of meditation into practice for a richer experience.  It’s what we are talking about and doing at TableThink this week.

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