Hindsight . . . Underline Key Lessons


TableThink’s conversation for the week is centered on hindsight . . . learning from where we’ve been and what we’ve done . . . a key piece of who we are and what we do. 

So.  We are underlining some *key lessons to review today and through the holiday weekend.  Here’s five key lessons for today:

*Key lesson:  Respond in quietness and confidence. 

Years ago, an unexpected friendship came my way. Despite an age difference of four decades, we made an immediate soul connection.  My friend repeatedly told me to respond to every situation with quietness and confidence.

When you respond with quietness and confidence you will be perceived as strong because you will be strong.

These two words were written in almost every note my friend sent along with the specific God-word:  ” . . . In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15, NKV).

(Excerpt from Two Weekend Words)

*Key lesson: Navigate the day with six daily decisions:

    1. Prepare for living the best.
    2. Focus on the gift of the day.
    3. Pay attention to what’s ahead.
    4. Trust in the “why” of living. 
    5. Show up with gratitude and grace. 
    6. Look for the good of the individual and situation. 

(Excerpt from Daily Decisions)

*Key lesson:  Reframe the thoughts which will not lead to the best. 

Reframing creates the need to release useless, negative, toxic thoughts.  There’s nothing more empowering than getting rid of whatever does not belong.  This exercise sets our mind, heart, and soul free, making space to engage with what matters, producing energy to strategize, activate and launch the ideas and dreams of what is to be.  At its best, reframing opens the door to peace, purpose, and passion for life.

(Excerpt from Get Rid Of It And Reframe)

*Key lesson:  Look up to see the wonder. 

Psalm 8 says the wonder of God is seen when we look up.  Even so, we often keep our “head-down,” focusing on the work of navigating through the stuff of life. 

To experience the element of wonder, we need to look up and intentionally refocus.  If . . . we were continually aware of the work of God . . . would we be in a constant state of wonder? 

The ability to see and experience wonder is a gift.  Be intentional.  Find a space which produces wonder in you.  Take a breath . . . look up . . . be aware of the sacred work of God and allow the wonder of it all to renew and recharge you.

(Excerpt from Sunday Soul Work:  Wonder)

*Key lesson: Let organization serve you every. single. day. 

Organization is a big deal.


It’s often put off.  The thought of organization can seem overwhelming.  The thing is . . . the purpose of organization is to serve our life . . . leading to our best.  Life calms down when chaos is disturbed and stuff is distributed in a functional way to bring order to the time and space we occupy.

The action of organization gives control over what’s possible to control. Let’s be honest, to control anything in our busy and complicated lives is a big deal and downright miraculous.

(Excerpt from A Big Deal)

Think on these key lessons . . . there’s more tomorrow . . . and every. single. day.

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