These words are good to underline in Matthew 8 and think on:  Healing. Calm.  Instantly.   Immediately.  

We live in a tired time.  It’s hard to think of doing one more thing.   So.  It’s interesting to read about the work of Jesus in chapter 8 in Matthew’s book  . . .

Jesus, the Light of the world, demonstrated the connection of healing and calm . . . as an action with people he met . . . instantly and immediately.

We think of the connection with technology as instant and immediate.


It’s not as common to think of a connection with one another as healing and calming.

The inside look into this chapter in the Bible reveals the intention to heal and calm. When you get down to it . . . these two elements are derived from . . . peace.  When Jesus left peace behind.  

Jesus said I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart in John 15:27, NLT.

 Be the one who connects with healing and calm.  Let peace be the gift you leave behind, it’s an important piece of being light in the world. 


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