Sunday Soul Work: Grief At The Table . . . Rachel Held Evans


Rachel Held Evans, writer, speaker, wife, and mother, died early in the morning on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at age 37. She leaves her husband, Dan, two small children, and all.

Her husband, Dan, wrote on her blog @ “This entire experience is surreal. I keep hoping it’s a nightmare from which I’ll awake. I feel like I’m telling someone else’s story. I cannot express how much the support means to me and our kids.”  

She worked to bring everyone to the table.  The table is where we hold the space of grace for one another.  Regardless, of where we stand in our faith, the table provides the opportunity to sit in grace together.  

Rachel Held EvansIn her book, Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church, she wrote: “This is what God’s kingdom is like: a bunch of outcasts and oddballs gathered at a table, not because they are rich or worthy or good, but because they are hungry, because they said yes. And there’s always room for more.”

The table . . .  has been a focal point from century to century. It’s vital for humanity to reserve time to gather . . . to believe, to share hope, and to value one another at the table.

An essential element at the table is to listen to understand rather than to fix one another, as we sit in grace together.

It’s key to living the best life. Because . . . the table is the place we unite in belonging to God. . . and discover this unity in our differences as well as similarities.  So, today, we sit together in grace, grieving Rachel Held Evans, who gathered many at the table.   And, we pray for her husband, young children, and all who loved her.

Rachel ended her last written post on her blog with these words:  “Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return.” Death is a part of life. My prayer for you this season is that you make time to celebrate that reality, and to grieve that reality, and that you will know you are not alone. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”


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