It’s fascinating to read Matthew, Chapter 10.  Jesus gave simple instructions in verses 6-10 when he sent the disciples to change the world with the message: 

  • Share the message of the closeness and accessibility of the realm of heaven. 
  • Bring healing to those who are sick.
  • Break off the power of darkness and death.
  • Share the power of the kingdom.
  • Travel light.
  • Trust God for provision. 

Also . . .

Jesus said to declare peace on the home (places) they entered.   They were commissioned to bring peace into each situation they entered in.  And, they were to leave in peace whether it was received or rejected by an individual.     

Jesus commissions all those who choose the with-God life to share the message of it.  Ultimately, our choices, attitude, words, and actions become our life-message.  The power of grace is what makes the message transformational.  

 Grace is the power to do what we can’t do on our own. The peace which is offered through the power of grace produces soul-deep healing.  Grace empowers our daily message of the with-God life, peace underlines it. 

Take your best message wherever you are and wherever you go: 

  • Share your life as a message of the with-God life through the power of grace.
  • Intentionally bring peace to every situation through the power of grace.
  • Always leave with peace, regardless of how you are received, through the power of grace.


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