Matthew 9 . . . is a few short stories . . . about Jesus healing people. Take some time and think on the meaning of Matthew’s stories.  Because.  The reality of each story is profound and life changing. When you look close enough you can see how the healings reveal Jesus’ extreme value for each person. 

While healing is the headline, the revelation of the individual’s value is the message. 

In other words, these stories reveal God’s value for our life is soul-deep healing.

We, like the paralyzed man in Matthew 9, know we need soul-deep healing; however, we don’t always know how to receive it.  Jesus told the man to stand, pick up his mat, and walk.  These are instructive healing words.

The thing is . . . God gives the strength for our soul to stand strong . . . to be who we are to be . . . to do what’s ours to do . . . continually releasing the power of grace to move forward healed and whole.

 Think on this:  God is intentionally present in your life.  


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