When I sit down at the table and listen to an individual’s narrative, the way someone thinks is often revealed.  Some tell their story with problems and struggles at the forefront while others headline their opportunities and wins.


Regardless of how the story is told, there is always something said which could use reflection and self-evaluation.  More often than not, there is an unawareness of  negative, useless, and toxic thoughts seizing territory in the mind because it’s become familiar and  normal.

This is a commonality we human beings share. 

It requires us to ask,  “How is this thought serving me?  Is it adding value to my life?”

Clarity is a catalyst to change.

So.  First things first.

Reframe the thoughts which will not lead to the best.  These include:

  • I can’t because . . .
  • I won’t because . . .
  • I will never  . . .
  • S/he makes it impossible for me because . . .
  • This happened and now I can’t . . .

The way we think frames the way we live. 

Reframing creates the need to release useless, negative, toxic thoughts.  There’s nothing more empowering than getting rid of whatever does not belong.  This exercise sets our mind, heart, and soul free, making space to engage with what matters, producing energy to strategize, activate and launch the ideas and dreams of what is to be.  At its best, reframing opens the door to peace, purpose, and passion for life.

Those who do the work to get rid of what does not belong and reframe thoughts, will be on a new trajectory. Profound results will come out of  this process.  It’s never worth putting off.


Episode 2 of the Studio 365 Break It Series discusses these life-principles.


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