Friday Review: Making Space For Quietness


It’s a great day to review ten TableThink articles on best living practices.  Today we are reviewing the need to make space for quietness.  

Our best advice today:  Make space for quietness in your life–Joshua & Kerrie

  1. Think On This podcast and devotion, Soul Quiet: It takes time to be soul-quiet in our noisy out-of-control world. It’s been practiced since the ancient days.

The experience of receiving the strength of God in quietness and confidence can never be underestimated, especially in the hard places. 

2.  It’s Monday With Joshua & Kerrie . . . Choose The Best:  When the soul is quieted there’s space to settle what really matters and to proceed with confidence.   This response deletes the power of regret in the future.

    • Begin by make space in the day to become quiet, inviting the Spirit of God to be present.
    • Let go of the noisy demands of the day. 
    • Be fully present in the presence of God. 

3.  Hindsight . . . Underline Key Lessons: My friend repeatedly told me to respond to every situation with quietness and confidence.

When you respond with quietness and confidence you will be perceived as strong because you will be strong.

These two words were written in almost every note my friend sent along with the specific God-word:  ” . . . In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15, NKV).

4. Weekend Wonder: It requires an intentional pause-and-slow-down to develop the sense of wonder and to define what matters:

  • Take a breath and lean into the quietness of wonder.
  • Focus on the wonder of the good and perfect gifts of God.
  • Think on the power of love, grace, joy, hope and all other soul deep wonders.
  • Give thanks for specific pieces of your life . . .  the gift of the day, your tribe, the beauty of the world . . . and all the wonders which define your best.

5.  Weekend Ritual:  Think on the meaning and matters of your life.  Determine the rituals which bring calm and quiet to your soul.  Put them into practice.

6. Are you Calm?:  Developing the routine of leaving space in the day  to be still and know God is a best practice for initiating and maintaining calmness.  The ancient words in the scriptures speak in today’s world about the gift of calmness.

Take Time To Meditate on  Jeremiah 17:7-8: But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God. They’re like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers— Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf, Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season (The Message).

7.  It’s Monday With Joshua & Kerrie . . . Time Away:  Taking time away to relax is essential to live our best.  It requires the decision to put the work of the normal routine aside, detaching from the pressures and problems, making space to breathe. This practice is a multi-dimensional asset to every element of living.

8.  Lighten Up:  One of my life statements is:  “Less is more.”

It’s what gives me pause when I start accumulating more than necessary.  Eventually the unnecessary stuff weighs me down.  At the very least, it distracts me.  Ultimately, the unnecessary takes my energy and time away from what’s most important.  This is as true for our inner life as well as the space we live and work in.

9.  Weekend Restoration: When we take time to be still and know God (Psalm 46), we enter into restoration, an oasis for the soul.

  • It’s in this place, we discover the presence of God, which is healing and restorative.
  • It’s in this place, we are able to release pressures and problems.
  • It’s in this place, we receive peace.
  • It’s in this place, we find ourselves.

10.  Weekend Sanctuary:  The weekend sanctuary offers the invitation to come away, let go, rest, and pray.  When responsibilities, to-do’s, distractions, and the work of the day expends time and energy, we need to refocus our attention on the gifts, blessings, and simple things.

There is rhythm in the inhale and exhale of life.  Energy comes from rest, understanding from listening, joy from nourishing the soul, and calm from a place of peace.

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