Friday Review: At The Table


It’s a great day to review TableThink’s podcast, which explores faith in our lives.

We took a seat at the table and talked about our dreams for TableThink.  This is a great podcast for all those who connect with TableThink and for those who have a dream to begin something.

We invited one of our favorites, Roy Carlisle, to take a seat at our table.  Roy Carlisle has been the editor for top authors, changing the way the world thinks by fine-tuning words and crafting the story.  In this episode of TableThink’s podcast,  Roy gives insight to the creative work of writing, explaining key elements of the relationship between author and writer.

We sat down with Anne Miller, TableThink’s columnist for Your Tribe Anne’s writing takes us home, reminding us  of what really matters.  She invites you to the TableThink tribe . . . and to know it’s . . . Your Tribe.

We took a seat at the table and recorded a conversation about the “why” of our personal lives and how it intersects with TableThink.  We hope you will hear how much we enjoy working together, despite the differences in our age, gender, and life experience when you listen to this podcast.

We took a seat at the table with Nancy Carlisle and Linda Hernandez-Munguia to hear about their shared story.  Their soul-deep commitment to invest in the lives of others as others have invested in them is a key piece to stepping up and making a difference.

We took a seat at the table and discussed the latest home technology.   This is a great resource for anyone and everyone.  The key is to use the technology to serve you to do what’s yours to do.

We took seat at the table with Tiffany Carter, our writer for the TableRead column. She  shared some stories about her childhood, her struggles learning to read, and some of her thoughts on how to make reading an important part of life.

We took a seat at the table and discussed Holy week. This included some thoughts on John 20-10-11. The article with the podcast includes resources to explore what it all means.

We took a seat at the table with Roy Carlisle and Paul Anderson for our first episode in in our faith series:  Where are you with your faith?  What does your faith mean to you? Where does faith belong in our world today?

Roy Carlisle took a seat at our table and shared how his faith experience led him to discover his passion and life-purpose. This conversation opens the door for each of us to see how our faith is central to who we are and what we do.

Andy Rogers, Acquisitions Editor, Zondervan of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, took a seat at our table, giving us insight about writers and editors.  We had many favorite pieces of the conversation, especially when he shared how he had planned on being a musician; however,  he was led to be a writer and editor.

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