Free To Celebrate


A long time ago, I thought life would come together perfectly and each moment would naturally be celebrated.  Along the way, I learned that life comes together because of our response rather than perfect circumstances.


One of the best responses to life is celebration.


There are times it’s hard to figure out what to celebrate.


Celebration can feel like one more thing to do.

Even, so. 

Celebration puts our focus on the gift of life rather than the challenges, pressures, and problems.  There’s a renewal of gratefulness when there’s celebration.    When you get down to it, celebration is a vital element of living our best.

Our best advice: 

Take a breath.   

Intentionally let go of all of the things that are weighing you down.

Be free to celebrate.

Celebrate how God has given you today and every. single. day.

The Psalmist wrote

24 This is the day the Eternal God has made;

God has made this day.  The day is to be celebrated.  When you get down to it, the day is made up of a a series of miracles strung together from sunrise to sunset.  It’s one reason to respond to the day with celebration.

The thing is . . . miracles are never earned . . . but freely given.


Miracles are present; however, sometimes it necessitates looking beyond the circumstance of the moment to see the miraculous of God’s more.

 Stop.  Breathe.  Look beyond the stuff.  See the miracle of the moment.  Respond.  Celebrate.  

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