Faith gives confidence.

We fight for our faith in this world. When we give into the struggle of faith, letting it go, we move towards doubt and begin to flat-line.

We need to be strong in our belief in the need of faith, so it’s important to exercise faith every. single. day.  This is a crucial piece to living our best.   Faith is not a solution for the hard of life but a powerful gift of living.

It’s easy to take faith for granted until it seems to disappear.   It’s then we realized faith is one of our greatest assets, a force which moves us forward, producing hope in the more of God with energy and ability to win the life-challenges, overcoming impossible situations.

Faith gives vision to see the possibilities on our pathway. When we are in the faith zone, seeing with faith, we’re ready to fight the struggle of it all, sure of the presence of God. The things we fear often provide the way to do the greatest things we could ever do for and with God when we turn from fear towards faith.

It’s amazing when whatever produced fear draws us closer to God and becomes a catalyst to do more than can be imagined. 

  • When we build our life with faith, we see beyond the issues with confidence that God is with us and is for us.
  • When we face the reality of a circumstance, we must look beyond the things we fear through eyes of faith to not only believe God is present but God is greater than whatever we fear.
  • When we face something which has the power to devastate and change the course of our life and turn to faith, we can be sure the battle has been won.

Podcasts and devotions with helpful coaching tips to stand: 

Listen to “Think On This” every. single. day. 

Think On This” podcast  can be found on iTunes and podbean.  

And. You can install TableThink on an Amazon Echo device and listen to Think On This. 

1.) Open your Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

2.) Click on the Menu – Select Skills & Games.

3.) Search for TableThink.

4.) Select to Install the Skill.

5.) Listen to the latest from your Alexa.  Simply say “Alexa, tell me the news from TableThink”.  Alexa will play the latest episodes you have not listened to.  When you are finished simply say “Alexa, Stop”.

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