Taking action to shift gears to pause, reflect, and renew provides the pathway for more energy and clarity to live our best.  One of the keys to shifting into a pause-and-slow-down from the fast-paced week is to step back from the rush and focus on God. 

Stepping back from pressures and problems gives perspective.   

How many times does something which seems to be dire ends up being workable?  

Putting our full attention and focus on God opens the door to see the reality of God at work with favor.  

 Psalm 3:7-8 is a word picture of God’s favor pouring over us.  The Passion Translation actually describes it as a feast of favor.  

Taking time to pause, reflect, and renew shifts our attention to the feast of God’s favor, giving the perspective of the reality of more than what’s seen in our immediate circumstances. 

 Pause.  Step back and give attention to God’s favor.  Gain new perspective, enjoying the feast of favor!


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