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The thing is . . .  beginning something more can feel extreme. . . . especially, when life is filled with so much stuff. 


It’s a process. The first thing on the list is learning to take action.  As with anything, a choice to begin must be made.   When we allow fear to direct the way we go . . . fear grabs and holds on to us . . . impacting how we think, speak, and act.  When we let go of fear and allow faith to direct . . .  there’s new motivation . . .  to live beyond the place of fear and begin something new.  

Fear disconnects us from the more of God.

Fear ultimately jeopardizes living our best. Nothing is worth missing God’s best for our life.   Letting go of fear positions us to live the best life. 

It begins with the choice to walk away from fear, a wise, extreme, bold move.  This choice leads to the freedom to discover the more of God. 

Freedom from fear is celebration-worthy.

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