I have sat at the table with many people who have pressed into the belief of never being enough.

It seems to be more prevalent than ever.

There’s a narrative within each of us, telling the story of our pastnow, and not-yet. The thing is . . . there are circumstances which impact our narrative . . .  creating a negative belief in self, skewing the truth of our identity and purpose.

Our narrative changes when we see the negative in our life as lessons to be learned rather than as a part of our identity. 

It requires effort and action to refuse to take on negativity as a limitation, believing there’s more to the story in the with-God life.

For you to know . . .

The effort and energy given to reformatting the narrative shifts the belief to I will” rather than “I can’t.”

Take note . . . 

There will be at least one person or group who will disrespect and devalue the belief of more.  Their treatment underlines the narrative,  “I’m not enough.”

The best advice . . .  

Let it go.  It’s not worth giving any of your time or effort to their negative interpretation. Our identity is not based on what someone thinks or says.

Underline this soul-deep truth . . . 

You were born with a specific purpose, loved beyond reason by God.  

Exceeding expectations is not about proving something to others or  to ourselves.

Exceeding expectations is shifting from settling to living without fulfillment to  fully engaging with God’s given purpose, passion, and drive  for living.  

Exceeding expectations produces energy and anticipation of more.

Philippians 4:12-13 is a revelation of the truth that we are able to exceed, overcoming what needs to conquered through the infusing power of Christ.

So . . . 

It makes sense to set aside time to learn more about the with-God life, exploring and defining the purpose and meaning of life, determining our connection and contribution to others, making the decision to step into what matters, willfully taking action to live the best, believing there’s a way to overcome and exceed negative expectations.

The thing is . . . 

We need to evaluate who is influencing our life . . . 

  • Do you feel inferior to them?
  • Do you feel valued, heard, and seen when you are with them?
  • Do you feel you will never accomplish what they accomplish?
  • Do you feel they believe you accomplish what’s yours to accomplish?
  • Are you depressed about your life after being with them?
  • Are you inspired by them?

Connection and collaboration with individuals who exceed in living beyond expectations is key. In other words, take a seat at the table with those who inspire you to go beyond the impossible.

And . . .

There’s nothing like letting the living-active words of God to go soul-deep.

The God-words from 2 Corinthians 12:9 continues to teach each generation that the power of grace is sufficient, transforming our weaknesses into strength, producing life-energy.

Take time to be educated on the subject of grace . . . 

Many people learn grace is unearned and undeserved.


Some do not go on to learn the power of grace gives the ability and strength to do the things we’re unable to do on our own.   In other words, grace is the key to living without self-imposed limitations and low expectations.

Finally . . . 

It’s important to learn God is the reason we never need to settle for limited expectations.  God gives each of us purpose and meaning, far exceeding expectations, refuting the belief of “I can’t” shifting into the mindset of “I will.”

Here’s the lesson to be learned . . . 

You have unlimited possibilities through the power of God’s grace.

You can.

You will.


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