Declutter Your Schedule


A friend of mine faced months of rehabilitation after a car slammed into him.  As I walked away from visiting him in the hospital, I knew my focus would be on what had to be done. A crisis often forces us to stop and define what is necessary and unnecessary, stripping our to-do list to a manageable level.  In truth, it’s smart living.

Our culture has a long history of applauding those who are overdone and overworked.  Smart living gives space to pause and breathe.   I had a doctor tell me about her overwhelming schedule. She could not get her staff to understand she needed to have a few moments between patients.

I have had staff members try to manage my schedule but they did not recognize what and who took more energy from me. I’ve learned to manage my calendar by determining the amount of energy which will be expended rather than just putting my to-do list in time slots.  I’m at my best when there is a moment or more to pause to re-focus and re-energize.

I also know my energy is higher in the morning than in the afternoon, so scheduling changes to accommodate my energy level.  Joshua is the complete opposite.  His best time is in the evening. So.  We have learned to make adjustments in our production of TableThink.   We’re more efficient and productive when we block enough time to be re-energized and fresh for the next task.

The decluttering system is uniquely planned for an individual and their needs.  We all agree we need to take the clutter out of our schedule, mindful of our energy levels as well as our time. 

*Look for our upcoming courses, Rise and Systematic Organization.  Also take a look at similar articles under TableThink’s Organization section.

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