Sunday Soul Work: Letter To Mom


Dear Mom,

No matter what . . .

You are light.  You are a light-bearer.  You always shine.  Your light reveals what we need to see.

You are love.  Your love transforms.  Your love wins.  Love is the greatest element of who you are and what you do.

You are our cheerleader.  You always see the best.  You lift us up, seeing the best within our “already” as well as our “not-yet.”

You are positive everything will be okay.  You see there’s more than what can be seen in the moment and beyond.

You speak truth every single day:   ”I know it will work out for good.

You are grace.  You release the grace flowing soul-deep within you. You believe God will do what we can’t do on our own, reminding us grace is more than enough.

Happy Mother’s Day!  We love and appreciate you!

May all women be honored today and every. single. day.

Weekend: Women . . . Mothers, Daughters, Sisters . . . and Friends

Sunday Soul Work: 


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