One of our favorite Bible passages about the “daily-new” is written in the book of Lamentations.

The thing is . . . few people find their way to the book of Lamentations . . . let alone, call it a favorite.

There’s little reason to think of the possibility of something new in the face of tragedy.  The title of the book is not an invitation to hope in something more, but rather to mourn and lament over the hopelessness of life.

The definition of lament is “an expression of sorrow, mourning, or regret : an act or instance of lamenting a song of lamentation …” (Merriam-Webster)

Anyway,  the first of the book is a written lamentation about exile, death, and destruction.  It’s hard to imagine the excruciating pain, suffering, and darkness of it all.


In chapter 3, the message shifts.  It begins with the word, BUT, which tells you and I there is something more to be aware of.

The author stops the lamenting almost mid-sentence and begins a narrative of faith in Lamentations 3:21-23, NRSV pointing out that:

  1. God’s love is relentlessly steadfast.  THIS IS BIG: God is resolutely devoted and dedicated to you and I.   It’s the Romans 8:31 principle:  God is for us–so who or what can be against us?  
  2. God’s love never ceases, not even for a moment.  It’s easy to think God has left the “house” when the “hard” of life hits us.
  3. God’s mercies never come to an end. It takes a lifetime to understand what mercy is–it’s a huge piece of God’s more–grace, forgiveness, compassion . . . And, the author writes the statement with  certainty that God’s mercy will NEVER end.  Seriously, NEVER.
  4. God’s mercies are new every morning.  This is heart-pounding, soul-deep amazing.  It changes everything when we understand God’s mercy is a new work in us every. single. day.   God gives us new power to do what we can’t do on our own, to live our best for the day.   This means we NEVER need to worry or stress that we have to manipulate or make something happen on our own.  God is with us totally “in” our life and will NEVER give up on us.  God has more planned and purposed for our life than can ever be imagined.

Lamentations 3 is a word-picture of painting the image of an intersection, where we can turn around and experience the more of God even when we are in the depths of despair.

Connecting with the mercy of God makes all things new, making a beginning out of an ending, shifting sorrow to joy, moving us out of the dark into light, and giving us hope in the most hopeless situations.  This is a centerpiece of our “why” at TableThink and we hope yours too.



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