A strong mindset is crucial to navigate the day, a part of living the best.  Implementing the following six powerful daily decisions in the routine of the day is key:

  1.  Prepare for living the best.

Meditate in the morning. Carve out time–five minutes of meditation is better than nothing.  Pray and focus on a God-thought.  TableThink’s Think On This is a short podcast and written thought for the day to get you started.   Connection with God is key to living the best.  (Listen to the Think on This podcast: Flat Line.)

2.  Focus on the gift of the day.

Remove yourself from the stress of yesterday and the worry of today in order to be fully connected with the gift of living the day.   It’s incredibly powerful to name the specific negativity and pressure by admitting it’s present, surrendering it, and intentionally focusing on the faith principle:  “If, God  is for us (you and I) then who (what) can be against us?” (Listen to the Think on This podcast:  Who Is Against You?)

3.  Pay attention to what’s ahead.

Review the day.  Determine to be present in it all. Take time to give thanks for the specifics as well as the whole day.  Believe the day is made for you and all.  (Listen to the Think on This podcast: Perfection.)

4.  Trust in the “why” of living. 

*Defining your purpose for being alive is crucial to fulfillment.  It’s your “why” every. single. day.  Keeping the “why” in the forefront activates energy and ability to do what matters.  (Listen to the Think on This podcast: The Plan)

5.  Show up with gratitude and grace. 

Taking gratitude and grace into every situation changes the dynamics of the day.  These two gifts of God deactivates stress within and around us.  Consistently pause throughout the day and take a breath, acknowledging the presence and work of God as well as the gift of the day with gratitude, making space for grace with understanding and compassion.  (Listen to the Think on This podcast: Standstill.)

6.  Look for the good of the individual and situation. 

Positivity is a healthy practice for the whole day.  It takes consistent effort and repetition to create a pattern of positivity.  Our response to people and circumstances is crucial to our overall health and well-being.  In other words, we don’t have to give in to the negativity of an individual or circumstance.   (Listen to the Think on This podcast: Progressive Condition.)

These daily decisions will make a difference.  It requires your intention and energy to activate the decisions as a pattern of living. The comfort of  habits and routine will be challenged when the new is introduced.  Repeating the process of the new is key.  It’s an important piece of living your best.

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