Core Habit: Positive Insight


I’ve learned from . . . mentors, experiences, classrooms, books, and articles  . . . to develop core habits.  A core habit is produced from a soul-deep value.  It requires time and tenacity to develop core habits which define who we are to be and what’s ours to do.

One essential core habit is choosing to have *positive insight about any and all situations.

It requires exercising our mind to see the good, especially when things are not going our way.  This does not necessarily mean we stay in the situation; however, seeing the good in the worst of situations frees us from the negative pressure and power of it all.

One of my life-mentors taught me to edit my story.   She did not want to hear the negative details but the good lessons I learned.  It was not always easy to think of even one good thing because my mind automatically went to the negative details.  With great wisdom, she waited in silence until I came up with something good about the situation.

There were times that I could literally hear the minutes ticking away as I tried to find the good in a negative and no-good situation.  But.  My mentor’s silence gave me reason to believe something good must be in the midst of it all.

We spent time unpacking the situation when I finally game up with a nugget of goodness.  She cautioned me not to focus on the negative issues in my story but on the good lessons for the sake of my well-being and  my impact on family, friends, and all.  Throughout the years, I’ve discovered we all have a propensity to be the victim in our narrative.  So.  The habit of seeing the good in negative situations requires daily practice.

I have not always succeeded in seeing the good but I’ve learned this very important lesson:  At the end of the day, negativity tethers our soul while positivity frees us to soar above it all. 

It’s worth developing the habit to see the good today and every. single. day. ~Kerrie

*Romans 8:28–We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something GOOD and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan (Voice).  

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