It’s been discovered that alpha brain waves are present in mindful meditation.  We know Alpha brain waves produce creativity and reduce depression.  Meditation is usually the first thing to go—if, it was ever a practice—when busyness presses in.  To live without space in the day for meditation is to live less than our best. 

Meditating . . . connecting with God . . .  is smart.  

I wonder what’s missed when there does not seem to be enough time to meditate and connect with God.  The truth of the matter is that busyness, problems, and stress takes us away from the important life matters because the urgent takes precedence.

 Every generation has had to manage fast-paced living because of busyness, the chaos of problems, and the pressure of stress.  In the first century, James (4:13-15) related the time we have to live as a mist.

Though the reality of living on earth vanishes quickly, it’s to be lived maximized to the fullest.  

This means we are to be mindful of what it means to live our best, to be aware of what happens when our days are packed too full and weighed down by the stress of it all.  While it might seem there is no choice but to be busy, it’s important to remember there’s always a choice. 

It may not be easy but it’s smart to slow down, allowing enough time to meditate and be focused on what matters.   Slowing down opens the door to living with more energy and creativity.    The important matters of life become clearer when meditation, focusing on God, is a daily practice.  

The key is to determine to live maximized through the daily practice of meditating on the presence and power of God in the short span of life.  

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And. You can install TableThink on an Amazon Echo device and listen to Think On This. 

1.) Open your Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

2.) Click on the Menu – Select Skills & Games.

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4.) Select to Install the Skill.

5.) Listen to the latest from your Alexa.  Simply say “Alexa, tell me the news from TableThink”.  Alexa will play the latest episodes you have not listened to.  When you are finished simply say “Alexa, Stop”.

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