Best Attitude


The overall attitude of an individual, couple, family, and organization has a crucial impact on the atmosphere of the space we are in and ultimately how the day goes.   No one and nothing is responsible for a positive or negative attitude, except for ourselves.  When you get down to it, our attitude will either be a tool or a weapon.

There are individuals who possess an amazing attitude in the midst of adversity and others who have a negative attitude in self-inflicted misery.  Both types of people teach by example.


The one who revealed the best attitude is Christ as stated in Philippians 2:5.  

The thing is . . . possessing the best attitude is not automatic . . . and easily deleted when negativity comes our way.  It requires daily mindfulness and intentional soul-work to resist blaming people, circumstances, and/or the negativity residing in today’s culture for living with less than the best attitude. 

The cause for a negative attitude is for each one of us to own.


How is it possible to possess the best attitude all day long?

We’ve found gratitude is the key to possessing the best attitude:

  • Make space in your day to be grateful for what you have received, refusing to align with the temptation to complain about someone or something.
  • Fill up on gratitude at the beginning of the day regardless of what must be managed. Our positivity increases the more we use the two words, “Thank you.”
  • Be grateful for the awareness of God, for every breath, for the day, for family and friends, for all that is in front of you.  We suggest stopping and giving thanks for three things in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.  It sets the rhythm of gratitude into motion.

At the end of the day, our attitude is a choice and a catalyst to living the best.


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