My parents recently moved from the city where they lived more than in any other place in their life, leaving their beautiful country home outside of the city as well as their daily routine.  They are now living next door to us in a smaller house . . .  in a small college town . . .  in a neighborhood.  This is a huge life-change.

They are beginning again.  

I have only heard them talk about beginning again with positivity.   They always . . .  underline always . . . tell people they love their new place and way of living.

By the way . . . their choice of beginning again with their best . . . is a gift to me, their daughter and new neighbor.

Beginning again happens in life; however, it takes intention to navigate the new with positivity and belief in living the best.

The choice to live the best, despite the circumstances which produce the need to begin again, impacts anyone and everyone who comes our way.

Take a look at well-known author and speaker, Shauna Niequist, who describes herself as a:

Writer, bookworm, snack enthusiast. Author of 5 books, including NYT bestseller Present Over Perfect. Married to , mom to 2 boys. Midwesterner in NYC.

She has been tweeting about her new life in New York City where she moved after her life turned upside-down from difficult and hard circumstances.  The thing is . . . she is choosing to make it the best . . . tweeting how she is grateful to be “a beginner again.”

Beginning again is a part of living.  The difference of how we begin again comes down to making a choice.

Listen to the two-minute podcast and read the companion devotion about living like a champion (1 Corinthians chapter 9, verses 26-27) at


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