Luke (6) shared  a conversation between Jesus and some religious-rule-keepers. These are the ones who live in spiritual poverty, denying the wealth of entering a relationship with God. 

It happened in the ancient days and it continues in today’s world.  

Those who base their life on religious rules develop a rigid and negative mindset, which leads to bondage.  

The thing is . . . the possibilities of life are limitless when we enter and engage in an ongoing, active participative relationship . . .  with Christ.

In verse 41 and 42—Jesus told the critical religious-rule-keepers to see the beam sticking in their eye rather than to looking for a “speck in the eye” of someone else.

In other words, we are to use our time and energy removing the things which do not belong in our own life rather than focusing on the faults of others.   That said, we may be unaware of our disorienting limitations until we engage with the power  of God’s grace.  

Take time to check for a beam in your eye.  


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