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Think on this . . .

Luke (8) tells the same story as Mark 5, which we discussed in a few podcasts ago.  Today we are focusing on verse 50 when Jesus told Jairus, father of a dying girl, “Don’t yield to your fear.” 

This is a huge life message.  Our response to fear is a catalyst to stress or well-being.  It’s profound. 

When we face the reality of fear, we must look beyond the things we fear through eyes of faith,  believing God is present and greater than whatever we fear.  It’s the choice Jairus made: 

Fear has the upper hand when we yield to it, cheating us out of experiencing God’s liberating power, weighing us down with the cares of this world, destroying hope and faith, leaving us with heartache and pain.

Don’t yield to your fear.  

Be aware of how close God is to you . . . even in the darkest valley.  Trust God to purposefully work in all things for good in your life . . . and be ready to be amazed.

By the way . . .

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