Disappointments are not always easy. It takes practice to see disappointments as a catalyst to something more.  When life changes, taking us in a different direction, it can be disappointing.  And disappointment often leads to discouragement.

If, we are not mindful, we become anchored to discouragement, drowning in difficulties, unable to detach from the hardships of life.  

Though it’s not easy, it to turn from disappointment and discouragement, we can.  It begins with seeing differently, trusting God to move us forward to something more—it’s the gift of having hope.  Hebrews 6 gives reason to pause, as it explains the hope God gives being as a strong and trustworthy anchor of the soul.  

The thing is . . . authentic hope, the kind which comes from God . . . gives us clarity to know God is working in our “now” as well as in our “not yet” of life. 

Hope extends our perspective, allowing us to see beyond the disappointment, energizing us to move out of discouragement, giving us the strength to take the first step towards new possibilities.

Romans 5 . . . clarifies “hope does not disappoint.” When all is said and done, we choose to let disappointment or hope to direct our response.  If, we allow hope to direct, anticipation and trust develop. 

Choosing to anchor life through the hope of God rather than the disappointing details of circumstances leads to living the best life. 

Podcasts and devotions with helpful coaching tips to stand: 

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