A Word Of “More”


This God-word of “more” is huge in my life:  I am about to do something new.

These words echo in my soul day and night, producing fresh new hope: 

  • in the seen and unseen work of God.
  • in the possibilities to come.
  • in the newness of the day.
  • in the not-yet.

These key points have been essential in every generation.

This picture of our family is a sweet reminder of the generation who came before us.  Uncle Ed died this week.  Uncle George (the middle brother) is the sole survivor of this amazing family.   He continues to have great influence over our lives as they all have had in our life.

They taught by words and example that God is always doing a new thing.  Their lives prove it.  

These words are a fresh message from God to each generation.  The words form a different perspective than one derived from today’s headlines.  When you get down to it, these words are a revelation of a perspective of faith rather than of fear in what could be.


There’s an element of mystery in these words which requires hard-core faith to believe, especially when everything seems out of control and down-right hard.


This picture of the generation before us has a story which includes incredibly hard circumstances to manage . . . communism took over their country . . .  the land their family had farmed for centuries was seized  . . . they lost their freedom of religion and education . . . some family members were sent to slave camps while others were killed . . . their lives were at stake, so, they fled from the country they called home . . .  and immigrated to Poland, then Canada, and finally to the United States . . . which became their new homeland . . . where they could be free . . . and do what was theirs to do. 

Take a moment and sit with the ancient God-words which have traveled from generation to generation as a fresh new message of life:

For I am about to do something new.

    See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

I will make a pathway through the wilderness.

    I will create rivers in the dry wasteland (Isaiah 43:19, NLT)

Look closely at these God-words.  This promise of more, includes the wilderness and wasteland seasons of life.  It gives perspective.

Despite the hardship, the generation before us demonstrated that perspective is pivotal in how we manage life.  And.  They lived remarkable lives because they could see more.  They  taught us to step back, take a breath, and evaluate:

  • Where is God in this?

    What is God’s perspective on this?

    What are the God-possibilities and my impossibilities in this?

    What is  my  God–given responsibility in the best outcome?

Their lives demonstrated the answer:  God is always at work doing something new.

This is a truth given to every generation, forming our  perspective in the reality of the presence and power of God every. single. day. 

It’s our turn to experience and demonstrate what life is like with the perspective that God is always doing a new work.

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