A Word Of Hope For You


No matter the details of your day, a word of hope is a catalyst to the more of God. The thing is . . . hope is an invisible but tangible gift from God . . . always present, despite what anyone says or thinks.

I’ve experienced hope when it does not make sense, when everything seems upside down, when it feels like life has hit a brick wall and everyone says it’s all over. I’ve seen the tragedy when people lose hope, when nothing matters, when passion dries up, when joy leaves, when love ends, and when darkness fills the day.


I’ve learned it’s a choice to hope, to live passionate and joyful with a love for Life, walking hand in hand with the Light of the world.

Hope says:  With God, nothing is impossible!

Take a breath and receive this God-word of hope tucked into the mystery of the message of the book of Revelation.

“I see what you’ve done. Now see what I’ve done. I’ve opened a door before you that no one can slam shut . . . ”  (Revelation 3:8, Message).  

While it’s simplistic, the best way to approach life is to cross the line of impossibilities and choose to go through the open door of God.

The beginning of moving out of hopelessness in the now of life occurs by taking the first step to cross the line of the possibilities of the not-yet.

Put this God-word  of hope in front of you and let it go soul deep. 

Memorize it.  Repeat it.  Make it your word: “God has opened the door before me and no one can slam it shut.”

Hope is the more of God.

Hope with the belief God has opened the door to more than what you can see now or imagine for your not-yet. 


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