I understand what it means to be too busy.  In the seasons of doing too much, I’ve not lived aligned with one of my life-values, “Do only what matters.”

It’s something I must constantly monitor.  The thing is . . . a plan must be put in place . . . so busyness is stopped from directing the day.

I used to teach childbirth classes and routinely gave the following advice:

“Stop your routine busyness during the first six weeks with your baby.  Get to know who you are as a family.  Put everything on pause.  You will never get this time back.  Take everything off your schedule, refusing to put anything back on it.  Stay home. Monitor your visitors. Take the time and make the space to breathe and enjoy.”

Most parents have said it’s impossible to mess with their whole schedule and responsibilities.  Understood.

I often tell the story of how we had a packed calendar and a long list of to-do’s scheduled when our children were born.  We assumed we had to do it all.  But.  One of our children struggled with health in the first few weeks.  Accordingly, our life shifted into crisis-mode.  It’s amazing how easy it is to let go of everything when crisis occurs.  Crisis rules schedules.  Nothing mattered but the life of our child.

Throughout the years, I’ve had several conversations about the value of learning what crisis teaches, asking the question: “If, a crisis can rule the day, changing the calendar and to-do-list, then, why not let the wonder of life take precedence and do only what matters?”

It comes down to intentional living. Intentionality is focused on the “yes” of what matters.  This is the take-away from Jesus’ words:

Simply let your “yes” be “yes,” and let your “no” be “no”” (Matthew 5:37, Voice).

Jesus’ “yes” produces more than can be imagined, a key piece of intentional living.

Experience the wonder of living, step into intentional living:

  • First.  Determine what matters.
  • Second. Say “yes” to what matters. 
  • Third.  Find joy in doing what matters.
  • Fourth.  Monitor the way you live.

It matters.

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