Organization is a big deal.


It’s often put off.  The thought of organization can seem overwhelming.  The thing is . . . the purpose of organization is to serve our life . . . leading to our best.  Life calms down when chaos is disturbed and stuff is distributed in a functional way to bring order to the time and space we occupy.

The action of organization gives control over what’s possible to control. Let’s be honest, to control anything in our busy and complicated lives is a big deal and downright miraculous.

Think on this:  

We are at our best when organization is a daily process rather than an overwhelming now and then project.

Organization is life-changing.  Organization is the solution to daily disorder and chaos.  Organization is a daily process!

It’s truth:

I can tell you for sure my life shifts from the out-of-control survival mode to a calmer and more relaxed state-of-being when organization is part of my daily process.  I’ve often wondered how much life has been missed when it’s not a part of my day. The thing is . . . when organization is part of my daily routine . . . I have more energy and passion for what’s mine to experience.

Take this to heart:  

Living your best is a dream which can be reached and realized. Organization is a key piece to stepping into your best.  Let organization serve you every. single. day.  It’s a big deal.

Take a look at TableThink’s Organization Section to find more.  Look for TableThink’s Systematic Organization Course.  It’s scheduled to be released in early Spring 2019.




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