We’ve become too busy.  Our schedules are packed with little room for much else to be added in.  It makes sense that it leads to a frantic-state as we try to control  what we are doing to prevent life going upside down.

The truth is . . . the unexpected can easily throw our lives into instant  chaos and crisis . . .   when we are already breathless and overwhelmed from it all.  

Busyness often disconnects us from God as well as ourselves.   Aloneness is a direct result from disconnecting from God.  The worst thing in times of crisis and chaos is feeling alone.  

Disconnection from God and ourselves is our responsibility.  God is always with us.   Psalm 46 states,  “Be still, and know that I am God!” 

This God-word is a go-to in times of crisis and all times.  It makes a difference when we  take the  time to connect with God.  It does not need to be complicated; however, it requires intention to be still and know God.

Even when pressures and problems rise, there’s a difference in how we manage it all when we choose to be still and know God.  Whether it’s early in the morning at the kitchen table in a noisy coffee shop, on a long drive, or anywhere else, when we become still, intentionally releasing worry and stress,  turning to God and finding God, we will go forward with the awareness of God’s presence of love and peace.

No one needs to be alone in the chaos and crisis of life or at any time. Refuse to disconnect from God.  Instead, take time to connect with God. 

Be still and know God.  And, know you are not alone.  It will calm you down and make a difference in all situations. 

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And. You can install TableThink on an Amazon Echo device and listen to Think On This. 

1.) Open your Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

2.) Click on the Menu – Select Skills & Games.

3.) Search for TableThink.

4.) Select to Install the Skill.

5.) Listen to the latest from your Alexa.  Simply say “Alexa, tell me the news from TableThink”.  Alexa will play the latest episodes you have not listened to.  When you are finished simply say “Alexa, Stop”.

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