010: At The Table With Roy Carlisle . . . Episode 2 Faith Series


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Roy Carlisle took a seat at our table and shared how his faith experience led him to discover his passion and life-purpose. This conversation opens the door for each of us to see how our faith is central to who we are and what we do.


When did your faith become a reality for you and when did it change you? 

There were some individuals who introduced Roy to the Charismatic experience while he attended Fuller Theological Seminary.   This became a pivotal point in his life, changing his theology dramatically and led him down a new pathway.

And.   This gave him freedom, producing a new enjoyment in everything because faith no longer fit in a “box.”

This portion of the conversation led to discussing women as clergy, speaking in tongues, spirituality, community, and the work of the Spirit.

So, your life took another pathway after your charismatic experience?

“Yes, I was headed to be a Presbyterian minister.”

Roy realized he wanted to do something different during his interview before ordination.  He chose to be open to what God had for him. One thing led to another and Harper & Row (HarperOne) came to him and offered him a job.

This portion of conversation touched on the beginning of Roy’s career, women writers, his connections, the surprise of becoming an editor, and the art of developing an author.

Roy focused on the table in the faith experience:

The center of our faith is found where we share communion, the eucharist, sitting with anyone.  The table is an important concept in the Christian faith.

This portion of the conversation includes how the table is at the center of his work, where he takes a seat with writers, listening and creating a sense of community.

How do you sense you are getting to know someone ?

“You listen long enough and hard enough.”

This portion of the conversation shares about the skills and tools to assess writers, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, psychology, and listening. The Spirit of God is at the center of  it all.

This conversation with Roy  gives reason to explore how freedom of faith impacts every piece of our life. 

We underline his statement, “If you are really free, you don’t have any reason not to listen to people.”

Everyone has a story and we are grateful to know this piece of Roy Carlisle’s story.  Thank you Roy!

About Roy M. Carlisle 

Roy M. Carlisle is Executive Editor for Books at the Independent Institute, a think tank in Oakland, California. In that capacity, he works with Independent’s Research Director, Center Directors, Fellows and Scholars to identify academic authors for potential book publishing projects. He is also liaisons with its print and eBook distributor, Independent Publishers Group in Chicago, and with publishing industry associations, including the Independent Book Publishers Association (where he has served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors) and the American Association of Publishers.

Mr. Carlisle has been Senior Editor at HarperOne, West Coast Senior Editor at The Crossroad Publishing Company, Co-Owner and Editorial Director at Circulus Publishing Group (Wildcat Canyon Press and PageMill Press), and General Manager of the Fuller Theological Seminary Bookstore. He has also been a Founding Board Member and former Chairman of the Board at New College Berkeley, and Founder and former Executive Director of the Academy of Christian Editors. He maintains an active membership in S.H.A.R.P., the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing. Currently he also works as a freelance editorial consultant for individual writers and independent publishing houses. Access to Roy’s published works can be found at: Independent Institute under Roy M. Carlisle, Executive Editor for Books.  

Mr. Carlisle holds a B.A. in philosophy from Whitman College, and M.A. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, has studied counseling psychology at Santa Clara University, and studied Library Science at Diablo Valley College, and taught publishing courses at the UC Berkeley and at the IBPA Publishing University.


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